Friday, November 19, 2004

Thursday Night Drinking Expedition-Abject Failure!!!

This is NOT how I wanted my first official Drinking Adventure post to turn out, but hey, for this place it's about par for the course. Disclaimers: 1) The narcotics didn't wear off until approximately 8pm, 2) Final Dayz Rules have been in effect for over a month now.

The women involved, and The Plan:

Primary Date: Trisha,32, pharmacy tech. Met her off the 'Net last week, she sent me her phone number, and since Tuesday we've spent a good 6+ hrs on the phone. She's been in town about 3 mos, and knows nothing. Given the "old" pic I've seen, and the fact that she's got an ex-boyfriend & NFL QB who's still calling her, rating her looks at minimum Class 3.5. Also have reason to believe she's got a good half-$mil in liquid assets. That doesn't really matter, but it doesn't hurt. ;) Verbal chemistry so far is awesome...assuming we like each other decently enough in person, this could be extremely fun and serious.

Secondary Date: Sarah The Stripper, 20, 2 kids. I've known Sarah through a couple of gentlemans' clubs here for about a year and half. We've always had this intense mutual chemistry, but she's never been available. I hadn't seen her in about 6 months, when I ran into her at Her Club on Halloween night. [note: this club is literally 3 blocks from my house, and is the 2nd "best" in town. So I'm a regular-irregular, esp. when the Real World sucks and they have no cover after 0130.] We catch up, she tells me she's now got a fiance, but takes my card anyway. The next day she calls me, tells me she's broken up with him, and we start dating. This lasted about two weeks, until she got really sick. She was living with friends, but Lindsey, her lesbian ex-girlfriend, was always over and would babysit for the kids while I took her out, then to work, then to my place, then back home. FYI, things have been physical, but not "all the way" yet. This is not a bad thing. Then a week ago she got sick. So Lindsey was always over "helping". While trying to call Sarah, I ended up talking to Lindsey a couple of times, and am pretty damn sure that Lindsey has been intercepting all my calls, and not relaying the messages.
This was really evident this afternoon when I tried to call Sarah, and Lindsey was trying to spoof me as "yeah, this is Sarah, and no, I don't remember you." I'm being lesbian dildo-blocked. Thought about sending flowers, but instead sent a letter to her friend's place that looks innocuous and might actually get to Sarah, telling her what's up. Cost: about 38 cents.

Plan for the evening: Mailed letter to Sarah on my way to meet up with Trisha, for our first date of "drinks". Theoretically, the letter could get to her on Friday, or Sat. at the latest. Meanwhile, I have "other plans". Talked to Trisha about 7:30pm, arranged to leave my place about 9:30 to pick her up en route. Called her then, got the "Call Waiting" dialtone, left a message, and departed. Got down to around where Trisha lives, waited. While waiting, called Sarah's club to see if she would be in...she was!!! Plan for Trisha was an early night anyway, at which point I would head back to The Club and confront Sarah, in person. We now switch over to a military timeline:

2230 - after several calls and waiting 45 mins, no word from Trisha. Proceed on to destination: Irish pub and Guinness. They have the real Nitrogen taps, so should not negatively impact my oral surgery.

2355- Trisha finally calls. I do not answer. Then she text messages me. She had mentioned she was going to take a "quick nap", so not unduly surprised by being stood up. But I have other plans.

0015- Arrive at Sarah's Club, sit down, order beer.

0019- Beer arrives, still have not seen Sarah out on the floor, inquire of waitress.

0023- Waitress comes back, Sarah has already left. This is Not Good. I've already paid the cover and have a beer, want to get my money's worth, but this is a bad situation to be in. Being stood up in a strip club is one thing, but when you're dating one of the dancers, it can lead to all sorts of trouble. When you're there with her, it's fine for you to drink and tip other girls, but when you're left all get the idea. And girls talk. It's not so much that she would care about me getting a lap dance per se, but that I spent money on someone else. [FYI, she usually buys me drinks if we're together] And now, dammit, another girl is sitting with me.

0030- Consider Tertiary plans, excuse self to bathroom. Inquire about Xelena, another hot Greek girl I know at another club, but she's not in. I have her #, but never quite got around to really pursuing things. Would have made an opportunity to salvage things on a positive note, and safely in another location where there would be no possible repercussions. The night is now a failure.

0035 - Realize I'm stuck, order more drinks, and make the best of it with girl sitting with me. She's actually really nice, and very cute. And using her real name. We have more drinks. I am then saved from the lap dance by her getting on stage, and the evening running out of time around 0155. Not that I didn't want one, but now I retain the moral high ground with Sarah. Who is way hotter anyway. And I save $20.

Analysis: G-d is trying to tell me it's way past time for me to just move to Austin. Or Manhattan. At least get out of this place ASAP.

Silver Lining: Just listend to the voice message from Trisha...extremely apologetic. She'd left her ringer turned off from work. Her text message: ' I'm so sorry. It was wrong of me to fall asleep. If you can forgive me, I owe you.' Of course I'm going to make the most of this ;)!

Solicitations: The letter to Sarah...good idea, or bad? It basically said "Hey, I have been trying to contact you, and do actually care about you, but believe I'm being dildo-blocked." Strategy from here? Not that I don't have one, but inputs would be interesting!


Blogger 1/2A said...

I think that the letter, though a good idea, probably wouldn't work in the end. Let's face it, Lindsey is on the "in." when Sarah is sick, she calls Lindsey, Lindsey cares for the kids, she probably cleans and cooks and... well all things considered, she takes "good care" of Sarah. Now the letter comes in. though I don't think that Lindsey opens it, the confrrontation will take place without you in the picture. Lindsey is the close friend; the one that can be relied on and she can convince Sarah, that you're making things up and blah blah blah... you get the picture. The best thing, I think at least, is a face to face with Sarah. There is, of course, the sincere possiblity that Sarah is enjoying the dildo-blocking. I mean, she was sick and Lindsey takes care of everything, maybe things get re-kindled. In which case, you have no alternative other than to immeidately buy high quality video equipment and make sure that the world (i.e. your brothers at KDR) have proof of the dispicable behavior of the two wanton harlot lesbians.... just say that... it sounds so good....

2:00 AM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...

Oh, Yon, Yon, Yon, my little, it has been far too long since we've been together ;).

Yes, a F2F with Sarah is obviously the best call, but the letter "creates doubt" within Sarah, which is all we're really going for, and more then enough to prove our point after Sarah has already dumped Lindsey :). To be honest, although I am partial here, strategically Sarah should be more inclined to believe my note and claims against Lindsey...although Sarah may go with "realpolitik" and let Lindsey think she's got the upper hand. The downside of this whole situation is that I'm back to Square One, and only get to see Sarah in Fantasy Land (ie, the club). We'll see what we hear from her ;)

3:12 AM  
Blogger Iron Fist, LGF said...

[Dark, Malevolent laughter]

Hey, dude!

Sounds Like I had a better time last night than you. I've been single again going on four months, and in that time I've made the acquaintance of, oh, half-a-dozen of the dollies that I like well enough to get a second dance from. The couple I was playing with last night I've been getting to know for the past couple of months. We've gone from not knowing each other to being friends (in a limited and specialized sort of way ;-), and we've gone from a quick peck on the cheek at the end of a dance to making out during the dance (last night was the first time either of them had French kissed me; like I said, I had more fun than you ;-).

One of them also told me that if I get there before 7PM it's 2 for 1 dances. I figure that if she is volunteering to work twice as hard for the same amount of money, she must really mean it when she says she enjoys dancing for me ;-P

Later, holmes.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...

Iron Fist,

Well, I'm quite sure you did have a better time than me that night, but on the other hand I also left with more of my cash ;). Depends on what your goals are with these women, but if you're just looking for pure fun *inside* the club, sounds like you're doing fine. Me, I'm looking for what kind of fun I can have *outside* the club.

If you're looking for something a bit "more" with these women, then I submit that your tactics need to alter, so as to get them away from seeing you as more of a great customer in Fantasy Land than someone that they want to party with in the Real World.

Due to various factors including an ex-fiancee and boredom, I've had quite a bit of practice in the art of dating strippers.

Anyone interested in a long post about it?

4:17 PM  
Blogger Iron Fist, LGF said...

Mostly, right now, I'm looking for the fun I can have *inside* the club. I am 4 months out of a 9 1/2 year relationship, and am not looking for anything other than a little fun right now.

If I were trying to pick someone up, I'd be more likely to do it where I bounce. Although I do make sure the Dollies know where it is, complete with directions, for some reason they don't want to come out.

The Emerald Club allows neither weapons or Colors. Where I bounce allows both.

Part of the charm of the place. One night we had a Dolly in that was wearing a Baby-doll half-T-shirt, a pair of Daisy Dukes, and a switchblade hanging out of her right front pocket.

Lots of people carry knives. I've never seen a gun.

I can't convince the Dancers to come out and party. I can't imagine why.


9:38 PM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...

Iron Fist,

Funny thing, "Emerald" is Sarah The Stripper's stage name!

These places sound interesting...and if I'm in Knoxville, we've definitely got to get together for drinks there.

The club you bounce at, I'd like to check it out, but I think I would do so completely perversely by going in a full suit w/ skull & crossbones tie.

12:42 AM  

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