Saturday, November 20, 2004

Final Dayz Rules Friday Night

In order to satisfactorily explain what happened tonight, I need to remind everyone that Final Dayz Rules are in effect. Final Dayz Rules may be declared when your living-period in some particular geographic location is almost over, your time left is definitely finite, and you will not be returning (to live) there again. Ideally, this should be within 2-3 months of your move date. Situations may vary. However, the basic premise behind Final Dayz Rules is that you can do whatever or whomever you want, and no matter how bad you fuck up your social life, or shit in your social "pool", in the very near future it just won't matter.

Highlights of this evening's adventures were all pre-date. First, my note to call Erin was definitely the right call. After a truly great first date, she stood me up for the second. I'll spare y'all the details, but the stand-up turned out to be basically for logistics, then her phone got turned off for a few days, and she was out of town. Re-establishing contact was a great move. Hopefully, she's not working tomorrow and I can get her over for "Robyn's Going Away Party", a nicely alcoholic affair starting early, and not ending until they kick us out of the bars. Also, I got a random call from Krystle, a pretty 20-yr-old I met at an Election Night party. Supposedly she's got a boyfriend, but this other dude in the College Republicans* says she's a slut. And her old roommate Melanie is a borderline-5. Oh, the possibilities ;).

Downside of the evening was the date itself. Went out with Trisha, from yesterday's posts. For all my high-hopes, pic-speculation, and phone-phun, in person she turns out to be a 2.9. Point-5 of that is for cleavage, and the other .4 is for "other abilities". Don't get me wrong, she's not ugly
at all or anything like that, it's that she's just not "cute". Having considered this eventuality, though, the plan for the evening was to take her to a local festival downtown, for cheap food and entertainment, and then to a dive bar a few blocks over. This was a VERY good call. So after the first beer is about half-gone at the dive bar, and I've warmed up the possibility of an "early evening", I decided it was time to slip off to the bathroom and check out the back-up plans. Dammit. But thank the gods for cell phones and doorgirls, as I was able to find out that Sarah The Stripper was not working, and thus my back-up plans were nixed and pointless. What to do now? Of course I went back more relaxed, and started drinking in earnest. Also the right call ;).
Y'all can figure things out from there for yourselves ;).

Tomorrow: The Anti-Lesbian Dildo-Blocker Letter gets delivered, and we have Robyn's Going Away Party, i.e. getting drunk with a bunch of hot women. And the Black Cat party, for which I have a personal invite, somewhere in the middle. Will Erin be available? Will drama ensue with Sarah? Will Krystle give in to the booty call? Will Trisha come after me with weaponry?

I'd better start drinking now.

*FYI politically: Ideologically I'm a Libertarian, my voter card says "Democrat" because I wanted to vote for Al Sharpton in the TX Dem Primaries (and did), but if you want to meet hot chicks who eat meat and shave their legs, the C-Reps are where it's at ;)!


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