Sunday, October 02, 2005

Epilogue: The Final Dayz Rules Finale

UPDATE: OK, I originally wrote this a few months, ago, but just never got around to posting it...if indeed I do have any reader(s left) out there, who are/were interested, or even remember. Mostly I think I didn't get around to posting it because, after reading it over, the impression I got was "Wow, that's really pathetic." That it may be, but I wrote the damn thing, so here ya go.

I'm finally done with Corpus! The last dental appointment went off well, and didn't even turn into an overnighter. And I made it back to Austin in time for Last Call! I think I've heard the last of all the relevant parties, so here goes the final scorecard:

Ladies of the Evening:
Sarah The Stripper - disappeared around Thanksgiving, may be in Austin. I haven't really had/made the opportunity to check out her new suspected club. Soon, though.
Calli Cheetahgirl - Kept making lunch plans that never happened. Did stop by to see her on the dental trip, however. We'll at least keep in some sort of contact, maybe she'll stop by in Austin. Yeah, it's a longshot, but she's a real Class 5 and cell minutes are free on the weekends.
Xelena de la Palace - Unreturned calls. Strippers are either flakes, or just luring you in for more cash. No biggie.

Previous Dates:
Erin - called her around late Feb to try again at a second date, found out she'd moved to Houston with a new job about a month earlier. So much for that idea ;).
Hazel - Definitely one of the most interesting and craziest women I've ever gone out with a second time. I think I caught her in the midst of a mid-life crisis, but had to ditch her because she was endangering the house as I was trying to get it on the market. Amongst other reasons.
Crystal - Wow, I've got a whole post or three devoted to this one. Stay tuned for more.
Aliza - Old girlfriend that I thought I might be able to convert into a Phase 5 relationship, but she ended up dating some guy pretty seriously.
Cheryl - Oh, the bad luck! I hadn't heard from her in a few months when I ran into her at the Q-Pub. We unofficially 'broke up' shortly after having the 'this is a serious as we're ever going to get' conversation, and coincidentally both began dating other people. We had a few more drinks and ended up back at my place, recapping the last few months. Unfortunately, she'd had an...experience...with the other guy that made her give up casual sex. D'OH!

Nicole the Catfish Girl - Ah, well, I had a nice plate of fish at least. Too much baggage in her life to get coffee or anything. No loss there.
Cynthia the Barmaid - Mmm, that would've been nice, but she's just a bar flirt. Got me some free Shiner's, so I won't complain. Talked about hitting this great restaurant with me, but after a few relaxing evenings there I found out that the sketchy young guy that I thought was just a barback is in fact the guy she's living with. Ewwww!
Tosha - Just talked to her on IM, and she's "preggo". Single mom, 'natch. Another Corpus winner! At least I know it's not mine...
Krystle - Met her at an Election Night party, but due to it running so late, we vacated the hotel party. I was invited back to her place with another cute girl and some College Republican guy that was there also, but instead decided to stop by Cynthia's. Dumbass! She was hot, and apparently, a slut.
Jane- Funny, after I gave her the Heisman when she ran into me out, she never called me back...hmm...
Rossi- Pioneer of the new rating, "Class 5-MILF". She was a serious Class 5, back in the day. Which was significantly longer ago than last week, but not quite multiple decades. Unfortunately, it was too near the end for me to get very far, but was still fun.
Stella-She finally made it back up from the Valley for date #2..or was it 3...not quite as good as the first one, Again!


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