Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Drunk Mexican Near-Bar Fight II

I'm really getting sick of this shit, although tonight's encounter was more amusing than the last one. So I have a couple of beers over at Crystal's, and am kicked into Drinking Time as I left her place. Naturally, all productivity is lost, but it's still early, so I go to the Martini Bar on my way home...the good Tuesday place in the drinking rotation.

After making friends with the guys next to me, I am simply sipping my beer and checking out the scenery. Next thing I know, I've got a drunk Mexican with his finger in my face going, "Do I know you???" No, you don't. If you don't have breasts and aren't buying me drinks, then expect no attention from me at the bar. So apparently this dude was pissed about something and wouldn't let it go, because I simply look like someone that pissed him off.

As the night goes on and another beer later, it turns out that what had happened was that the guy in my face actually pissed on some other guy's boots in the bathroom, and then was somehow affronted when the pissee was not happy about this. Naturally, the drunk Mexican did not think to check that I was not, indeed, wearing boots.

They ended up buying me drinks, and I didn't have to rip anyone's ear off and do lots of paperwork. So it turned out OK.

[as for the first incident...some dude got pissed off because I set my beer down on a table while sending a text message and lighting a smoky treat. Really, that was it. The table was near empty at the time. Then he took offense when I told him he was psychotic and asked his sister, who had just bummed a smoke, "Shouldn't he be back in his cage by now?" She laughed.]


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