Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Suckered by Personals Email, Rev. Lick Calls Guy

It was all...so...plausible.

Yeah, I have ads up on several personals sites--Match, Yahoo, eHarmony, etc. It's a completely passive way to meet women, with zero effort on my part most of the time. You also get to find out a lot of "screening" information about the other person that you wouldn't know after meeting for 5 mins in a bar...have they been married? kids? age? degree status? smoking habits? religion? etc. Since I'm also a cheap bastard who likes to scam the system, I have my "username" rigged up to be the same ID as a very common email/IM account. So getting a personals-response email there would not be surprising, and I don't really use it for anything else.

For the first time in weeks, I checked it today, and there was a very nice email from "Janie", asking if I'd gotten the email she'd sent me off Match, telling me she'd just moved to Corpus Christi, and inluding a link to her profile on another personals site as well as a phone number. Something like this has happened before, although it's rare. The kicker: the email came in on my birthday.

So I checked the site, saw her pic, and she was smokin' hot. I checked her email domain, and it was a legit free-email service. Unfortunately, there were eight digits in the phone number, but the last one looked like a typo. I typed it into whitepages.com, and it came up as a Sprint cell phone from Victoria, TX. Her profile said she was a nursing student, and there is a nursing school there. It's all checking out...!

I called the number, the voice mail picked up, but the outgoing message was the default computerized "this is" phone number. So I left a message identifying myself as "that guy from the personals you emailed, etc." Not two minutes later, the phone rings, and it's that number.

I pick up and hear...a guy's voice: "I just got a call from this number?".
"Wrong number!!" CLICK!

So I sent the short email I was replying to "Janie" with, and got an instantaneous auto-response telling me to email her through...you guessed it...that other personals web site.

Anyway, I did a little more looking, and the other site is a complete scam. They're charging exorbitant rates, have very few people signed up, and are now obviously resorting to trolling the other sites trying to find suckers who will pay to contact their faux-femmes.

But if you want to see what lured me in, the homepage is: www.selectyourfriendlymatch.com
When you get there, type in "her" member number into the "locate" box: 3042473

Just don't let your credit card near the computer, or bother to log-in out of curiosity. I did that for you: the profiles of fugly girls are real, and the ones of cute girls are almost entirely faked. Badly.


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