Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ask Rev. Lick: Orange Pants

That 1 Guy over at Drunken Wisdom asks: Got Advice?

You see a woman wearing... oh, let's say... orange polyester slacks. Very
unflattering. How does one go about letting her know that she really shouldn't
wear them... ever again?

Anwereth the Reverend:

Depends on the situation and how attractive she is. Suggestions:

-Unattractive, passing by on street: Avert eyes, find attractive girl to look at.

-Attractive, passerby: Laugh and point.

-Unattractive acquaintance: snigger audibly behind back, stare at her in perplexion.

-Attractive aquaintance: "Did you lose a bet?" Or, depending on shade and locality, make sports team reference.

-Friend, regardless: Blunt honesty. If attractive, "We need to get you out of those pants as quickly as possible."


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