Monday, October 03, 2005

NYC 2005 Trip Recap

I'll save the excruciating daily details that I used in my first-ever post, and just hit the relevant-to-this-blog highlights:

  • Somehow on my first real drinking expedition with the boys, Buns' sister was asking me what our perfect date together would be like. I'm pretty sure that would involve something that Buns really, really doesn't want to read here.
  • At the fancy dinner thing, I somehow managed to get the phone number and email of a nice blonde lady, after only 2 minutes of talking to her, who was there with her fiancee and wearing at least a 3-carat diamond.
  • In between getting soaked trying to get to Manhattan to do some last-day birthday shopping for my sis, and getting stranded by flooded subway tunnels in the projects in Queens, I managed to meet this gorgeous redhead who was in the process of getting stood up. Turned into a very pleasant evening :).
  • But nothing beats my first 6 hours in NYC...I've got this old quasi-girlfriend/flame named Heather, who is a serious Class 5 and for some reason, has this thing for me. Unfortunately, not only does she have some luggage, but is the artsy/bohemian wandering-spirit type. Which is fun, but sometimes this leads her to do things like disappear to Mexico for many months, incommunicado. She's really a musician, but dances for the money (you knew that was coming...). So I called my only contact number for her a few days before I left, and didn't hear anything back. I get to NYC, and end up having to get a hotel room for the first I'm taking an inaugural dump, I get a call and Heather's new NYC number. I call her from the toilet, and leave a message. My sis and I then head out on the town, bumming around Times Square looking for cheap show tickets. While I'm eating haggis at St. Andrews pub, Heather calls in. She's got a boyfriend, but is singing a few blocks away that night. So we went to meet her at the jazz sis leaving a few minutes before Heather arrived. This is 10pm. The Bronx Italian Mafia boyfriend is coming to pick her up at 11. Five minutes before, we duck out and take side streets, now drinking and making out in the corner of a Russian Mafia vodka bar. The Bronx Italian Mafia then finally starts calling in. She turns off the cell phone. Yada yada yada, it was worth getting my own room, and we had lunch with my sis the next morning :). Even better...she's supposed to be back down here next weekend!


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