Saturday, October 22, 2005

So When Do I Get My F*cking Holodeck?

In the category of 'Life Imitates Art', we're moving ahead into the 24th century as the USAF has now invented transparent aluminum. Which I think is fucking awesome. I'm enough of a sci-fi geek to get the Star Trek references, but have never been a "Trekkie". (though I happily confess to a Star Wars fixation). Especially since that one time when I was a kid, and we went to a sci-fi con. I saw a "Next Generation" dude in uniform, about 35 yrs old...he was arguing vehemently with a kid who was all of 8 or 9 years, wearing the same uniform, because the kid was wearing 'Captain's insignia', and was 'obviously too young to have that much rank.' OK, old guy, you're living in your mom's basement and wearing your pajamas in public. And now you're arguing with a kid in grade school because he "outranks" you. It's way past time to re-evaluate your situation.

Back to whatever passes for a point around here: while I like watching some Star Trek when there's nothing else on, they're basically communist pussies. Here's my prime example: the holodeck. In the show, this get used for all kind of things like roleplaying mysteries, Klingon whatevers, etc. Get real. Or at least take a gander at "Tripping the Rift." On a real naval vessel, the holodeck would have one real use only: PORN!!! It would be tapped out 24/7 by the entire crew, as a way to have "virtual fun" (and by that I mean all the perverted fantasies you can think of) while on a 5 fucking year mission beyond the bounds of women and booze.

Now get back to work and get me a hyperdrive!!!!


Blogger Seth said...

Well, porn and video games.

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