Sunday, November 21, 2004

Eve-l Bitch Watch

My ex-fiancee, Evel Bitch (<-pun), whom I have not spoken to in about 2 years, has started calling me again. The calls have been increasing with exponential frequency. I don't answer any number I don't know anymore, which has turned out to be a good idea. Here's the background...sold the ring to help fund the BMW X3 (aka, Der Pimpenwagen) back in July. Got an email from her then saying "Oh, lost my address book, need your info, moving again, etc." I was really pissed at the time, as when I was selling it, I found out that she'd chipped the diamond and I was therefore royally screwed on the deal. Restrained myself from contacting her at that point, because having her back in my life in any sort of capacity is just not worth a few thousand dollars. So when this email comes in, I'd sent her just the address, told her I'd sold the ring, and that I suspected she'd pulled something shady...figure that way, if she had, maybe I'd get a pre-emptive check so that I couldn't sue her. She hasn't emailed since.

About a month later, she calls me, and leaves a weird message about "Good to hear your voice, my cell is #". Sounded drunk. I was actually at my girlfriend (at the time)'s place getting laid :). Next call was day of Fla/Ga game, also suspect Drunk Courage was involved. Then last Saturday, she leaves a message in the afternoon that says, "Hey, I'm coming to Texas, and want to know where to stay, call me". Of course I don't ;). There's absolutely no reason for her to ever come here, aside from me. Then Tues night she calls from a landline I hadn't seen. Then Thurs afternoon (maybe Friday), I get a call from a strange number. It's her, leaving yet more insistent message that I call her, and gives me her cell #. I Google the strange number, and it's from a Sam's Club calling card. Now, as part of housecleaning, I've thrown out damn near everything she's ever given me, put a few old pics in the album (even bad history is worth rembering so you don't forget the lessons), recycled frames that had been sitting in a box, and have a huge stack of pics I was going to email her and offer to send b/c some had the kid in them. Also to ask BTW, what's with the calls? I am slightly curious, but now thinking that I'll hold off for awhile, and see just exactly what lengths she's going to go to ;). Danger is that she might show up on my doorstep someday...when I leave the house, I look for suspicious vehicles now. Funny thing is how she's being so completely inept at trying to talk to me. She only calls the landline number, but mostly it's forwarded to the cell, and my cell phone number is in the outgoing message!

What's the reason for this? Well, given her pathological dishonesty and manipulative behavior, I can't really believe everything (or anything) she's said in the few emails I've gotten in the last couple of years, but some of the data may be true. She's not the type who lies outright, but takes certain "elements" of the truth spins them so as to completely mislead you. Possibilities:
  • She's gotten pregnant, learned lesson from last time, and wants to see me, seduce me, and frame me for it, since apparently I put up with her BS the longest. Yes, she really is that irrational and evil.
  • I know more about her than anyone else, and she can't stand anyone with that level of knowledge not being under her thrall. Or just leaving and it not being on her terms.
  • The moving was due to a second marriage/divorce happening within a year or so, and I'm being called for whatever reason in conjunction with that.
  • Something too crazy and twisted for anyone else to really even begin to understand.

I doubt I'll ever go into detail on the relationship itself, but the two greatest analogies can be seen in the movies "Saving Silverman" and "Trainspotting". Dr. Judith is her, right down to profession. "Trainspotting" is what it was like to be with her. I'm the main guy, and she's heroin.


Blogger ERICA said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wonder what *her* side of the story would be. If you read this blog, this is a guy who wants to bang a mother of two so badly (even though he's leaving town soon) that he's trying to wreck the woman's relationship with a friend who helps with childcare.
Nice going, Rev Dick.
P.S. You may be an 'officer', but you are no 'gentleman'.
P.P.S. You and 'Iron Fist' really should hang out together. You're two of a kind. (And you both post at LGF, the racist website. Nice).

11:40 AM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...


Well, that is a good question. Think of it like the heroin in Trainspotting. Semi-addictive, toxic personality. Also consider the "how do you boil a frog" analogy. You start off in a nice pool, and the heat gets turned up so slowly you don't really notice how hot it's really getting. Then there's the "illusion of relief" in 'Now that we're going to get engaged, the relationship is going to be good like I always thought it could be. It's really going to work this time.'

4:38 PM  
Blogger ERICA said...

I just find it a little foolish on your part. You can't hide crazy. At what point did you think getting engaged would solve anything?

7:23 AM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...

"A little foolish" is completely under-rating the situation. It was madness I tell you, madness!!!

Part of me knew it wasn't going to work, but felt I "had to try", and "I've stayed this long, now is the chance for what I've always wanted", etc. etc.

Actually, Erica, you can hide crazy. For a time. Relevant detail: She had a Masters in Psych and worked with really, really crazy people. Master of manipulation, and in to making you think that what you thought was wrong with her was actually something wrong with you.

8:23 AM  
Blogger ERICA said...

Why do you care that she is trying to talk to you? Are you not over it yet? Did she do that much damage that you can't get past it? It has been what years and you just can't let it go. What is done is done and if you don't want anything to do with her tell her instead of acting all paranoid.

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Blogger Rev. Lick said...

Oh, I am over her, but it did take awhile. And her conduct while in my life was such that she shall never be re-admitted to it. Consider this merely me enjoying the lovely shadenfreude of watching her flail about, and a bit of lingering curiosity. Amusement ;). My email is in my profile, I'll forward the email offline.

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