Saturday, March 19, 2005

St. Patty's Aftermath

Finally sober enough to post the adventures and aftermath of March 17th. When St. Patty's is on a Thursday, it makes for a looooooong weekend! Well, I got home safe, and with a few new numbers in the cell phone.

One of the numbers, it turns out, is from a "fat friend" that I apparently met several weeks ago. I started getting text messages from a girl on Friday night, and was wondering both who she was, and why I'd gotten her number the night before without remembering actually talking to her first. Then she told me about her friend Melissa, whom I very well did remember. I was at Cassidy's, and started a conversation with this very attractive girl on the corner of the bar: her name was Melissa, and she was wearing a low cut blouse revealing truly ample and beautiful cleavage, had perfect features, and lovely auburn tresses. Oh, and a fat friend. We chatted for nearly an hour, but I split when Melissa said the "B" word--I have no time for those sort of things down here.

But that was later in the evening...earlier, I'd left the Irish pub to try and hit a concert down the street, but it was sold out. While grabbing a beer there anyway, I ran into Calli of Cheetah's and her roommate (a waitress there). We hung out and had a great time for awhile, until Calli got a phone call and disappeared crying about an hour later. Back to the Irish pub!

After that, shots of Jamesons started flowing and things get very hazy.

Casualties: Countless braincells, half a liver, and my laptop. When I woke up Friday noon, my laptop was completely and utterly dead. All attempts to revive it were useless. It's since been sent to Best Buy, where my service contract damn well better get me a new one.


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