Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dude, Where's Your Fucked-Up Life?

For those who are wondering wherefore the relative paucity of recent original drinking material-being the overall inspiration for this site-has gone by the wayside, the answer is simply: Life. To expound a bit, I'm in the very middle of some serious Life Transitions here. We're talking a relocation, imminent unemployment, and complete career change. In the last couple of months I've been supremely occupied with selling my house, attempting to buy a new condo, packing shit up, moving shit, putting shit on eBay, and all the tons of paperwork and phone conversations that are needed to do all those things. It's also all gone to hell, or is going to hell, or had gone to hell and came back, on a pretty much daily basis. This hasn't left much time for posting. Besides, aside from the drinking adventures that I have posted recently, there hasn't been much that is truly blog-worthy.

Dude, you're not actually sober now, are you?

Of course not! Fear not, I'm still drinking and causing some amounts of trouble, but the volume has been turned down from '11' to about a 6 or 7. For reference, a 2= a few beers on the weekends, a 5=at least heavily buzzed on the weekends plus a minimum of one mid-week happy hour, and a 10=Navy P-3 deployment where you're smashed every chance you get.

What happened to Final Dayz Rules?

They're still in effect, although it's more of a technicality than a serious effort at implementation right now. For one, I accomplished most of my objectives--by that I don't necessarily mean I got what I wanted, but I took the chances and resolved my curiosities--there are no loose threads left.

What about the women of Final Dayz?

Expect a "recap" post here in the next three weeks, sometime after my move is complete. The window on possibilities is definitely closing, but I am still mildly engaged in exploring a final few potentials.


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