Friday, March 25, 2005

So I Got Drunk With A British Intelligence Agent Tonight

So since it's Purim, and the end of Holy Drinking Days, I randomly ended up getting drunk downtown with a member of British Intelligence who's spent the last two years in Iraq. He was here in town on holiday. Naturally, I took the opportunity to question him somewhat, in between other activities.* I can absolutely vouch for him, as he managed to buy us another round after the bar was closed at Last Call!

While we were drinking, I tried to feel him out on various issues with the War, etc, and get some ideas from an operative who was over there.

-WMD's in Lebanon- ' Complete bollocks. I spent two years looking for WMD's, and there isn't shite. Lebanon has nothing.' We did agree, however, that they had some really hot protest-girls.

-What are the average Arabs like? 'They're just blokes trying to make a buck. The one's I've met in camp are great people. Right after we rolled in, everything you could want was a dollar. Now, it's twenty, but everything's still cheaper than anywhere else [in the world].'

-Bush/Blair, etc: 'We should've gone in ten years ago.' On the actual conduct of the current conflict: 'Fail to plan, plan to fail.' On the whole, though, positive about the effort, if not the specific details.

-Religion: I floated the Jewish holiday angle. Turns out he's completely irreligious, and could give a f*ck what the Christians, Jews, Muslims, or anyone thinks about any kind of afterlife. 'I'll pick one when I'm dead, and see what happens.' I was testing the whole British anti-Semitism angle, but it turns out, he really doesn't care about any religions.

*Those activities would involve women, especially one "Holly" who was hanging out with us, and wearing one of those "negligee" shirts over jeans. Let us just say that, while her "tracts of land" may not have been large, they were especially 'scenic'.


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