Monday, March 21, 2005

Naked Boy: A Small World in N'Awlins

Naked Boy writes in:

This is a small world New Orleans last weekend I was out by the pool, and this chick with a really hot body was lying down nearby. She was lying face down so I didn't see her face. The next day, I met this girl in the elevator and said hi, I didn't know if it was the same girl or not. So then I was out on St. Patty's day...I was with this guy Mike that was in town for one night. He was here to do an upgrade to our computer system at work. I had hung out w/ him before on several occassions and he is a pretty cool guy and can hang. We went to a big St. Patty's Day block party and met up with a bunch of people including Shelley. [NB's 50 year-old girlfriend.* He's 29. -ed.] During this time, I think I saw almost everybody I've ever hooked up with in N.O. The rest of them go home, but Mike and I go out the Quarter. He was here for only one night so this was pretty mandatory. We wound up going to first the Alibi ( I know that is ususally the finishing point, but WTF ) [the Alibi is a place that only starts getting good at 4 a.m., when the strippers get off work and start showing up there. I have kept drinking there well past dawn on several occasions. -ed. ] ...then went to Bourbon St Blues Co for 3 for 1 upstairs. So, I see this girl there that's pretty hot and look in her direction for a second. This guy comes up to me and tells me stop looking at his girlfriend. After giving him a look, he starts laughing and tells me he was just fucking with me, and that was just one of his good friends-then he introduces me to her, so we start talking. She goes to the bathroom and this guy Chris starts telling me that I should go out with her b/c her family has a lot of money and her parents bought her a place at Lake Marina Tower...turns out she lives in my building AND is the girl that was by the pool! After that we all went to Rick's and saw some boobies. So, I give her a call and talk to her a little bit tonight. This is something that could definitely be interesting. Also, she is probably around 25 or so.

Me: ...and that's it?

Naked Boy: So far. It's just a small world story. Plus, I have to be careful about 50 the yr/old girlfriend. *

*What, you thought I was kidding?????


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