Friday, July 15, 2005

Eve-l Bitch Watch II

She's baa-aack!

Through some unknown means, Evel Bitch (horrid and vile ex-fiancee) seems to know when I've got some big life change going on that is someway related to her, even in passing 3 years later. That is, 3 years after I started refusing to talk to her and have only responded with 3-4 emails that made her cry. Here's the background: Evel Bitch Post 1.

The latest: Calls started coming in around Easter, which was the real start of my move. Then I got another series around Father's Day while I was visiting my sis...the messages left were a long 'Oh, so nice to hear your voice again' rant like we were still old friends, and another one implying that I had something that she needed. [To that one, no, I don't...nearly everything related to her was either sold, or discarded.] The connection? At the time, I'd just gotten my new cell phone with an Austin number, which she will never get from me...therefore having no idea where I am, or any way to call me. The calls started coming in the day before I was going to change the outgoing message on the old phone to "My new number is _." They haven't stopped, either. I just got a few new calls over the 4th weekend, and one a few days ago.

The only reason I haven't disconnected the phone yet is because there are some logistical issues that I need settled before I can really cut it getting my furniture here. [should be next week.] I was going to do it before the next billing cycle, but that's tomorrow. Yet I realized, to my shock and horror, that part of me is actually hesitant because in some twisted way, I am curious as to what she'll do next, and what this is all about.

Obviously, that part must be crushed.

So does anyone out there have a good idea on how to really kill an unwanted and strange psychic connection?


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