Sunday, May 01, 2005

Saenger Hall Port-a-Potty Follies

Went to Saenger Hall in New Braunfels, TX, to see Jack Ingram play tonight. Great show. This is an old dance hall, and the restrooms are a bunch of port-a-potties outside. While I was breaking the seal, the door opened, and what appeared to be a cute blonde girl was looking at me. To my suprise, we actually had a bit of conversation while I was taking a leak.

Me: [ahhhh...relief.] Door Opens. 'Can I help you?'
Her: 'You didn't lock the door.'
Me: 'Apparently not. Are you coming in or what?' [she's still watching???]
Her: 'But this is the women's room.'
Me: 'It's a porta potty.'
Her: [pause] 'But it says Women on the door.'
Me: 'I've been drinking and didn't bother to read.'
Her: [looks perplexed, finally closes door.'

And yes, all through this exchange I was letting it all hang out. Just wished I'd taken a closer look at her so I could make fun of her after I was done.


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