Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where to live? Tough call in a tough market

My attempts to not be homeless in the last couple of days have been extremely frustrating. Fortunately, we've narrowed the choices down to about 3 units in 2 different condo complexes. Making the final call, however, has become a really, really difficult decision. Both of the complexes have their own pros and cons, and essentially boil down to: Super Cool Location, or Super Cool Living Space? The contenders:

1) Super Cool Location: Located in the greenbelt around Austin, this place is a block from the hike/bike trail around Town Lake right in the middle of the city. It's about 7 blocks from a stretch of cool bars/restaurants/coffee houses, and I could feasibly walk across the bridge to some good places on West 6th St. However, it's only one bedroom, and is on the ground floor with a view of the parking lot. The set up inside is nice, but only "adequate" for the amount of living space. Laundry may also be a problem, as they haven't finished installing a w/d in the closet. May not be possible to vent the dryer, meaning: laundromat. Eww. No private patio or porch, just the sidewalk outside the front door. Has been completely pimped out with recessed and track lighting, speaker wiring, new carpet, and paint jobs. I will probably thoroughly enjoy the area, but want to move to a bigger place within two years. Price: $95K.

2) Super Cool Living Space: these are not in a bad location, just located far from downtown in North Austin. Instead of "heart of the city", they're located in Strip Mall Yuppie Land. Near where I will be working, but not too close. This area has a lot of your urban 20/30-something professionals. There are quite a few good hang-outs around, but not much you can really walk to or stumble back from. Living space, however, is excellent. The complex is beautifully cared for, and the unit in question is a townhouse, not a condo. It's two-story, two-bedroom, has laundry, a wet bar, loft space, a private outdoor patio, a fireplace, and is over 1000 sq. ft. Also has a third floor converted attic. Can comfortably live there in style indefinitely. Price: $115K.

So what do y'all think? Space or location? Leave thoughts in the comments. Have to decide by the end of the week.


Anonymous Tennessee Budd said...

I prefer my trailer out in the sticks. Plenty of room for playing with firearms & motorcycles, & the woman & I can sit naked on the porch with lots of beer of an afternoon.

6:34 AM  
Blogger valerief said...

Townhouse, hands down. Better resale potential. Nicer. Get a bike or make friends with a cabbie and suck up the distance. What about public transit?

7:22 AM  
Blogger Rev. Lick said...

Actually, the Barton Hills condo has better resale potential, and will make a phenomenal rental property--won't stay vacant longer than a week or two whenever I move out.

I spent a couple hours checking out the townhouse area, and it SUCKS. It's not all bad, but the other side of the highway is pretty bad, and there's a few bad apartment/projects next door and nearby.

8:17 AM  

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