Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The HeisenBlog Uncertainty Principle

My philosophical conundrum after officially being a blogger for a good 3 weeks now:

Is my life really this fucked up normally? Or, since starting this blog, have I subconsicously done/instigated/drank things motivated partly out of the desire to have something interesting to post later?

If nothing else, I figure at least my life is a bit more interesting and fun now, although I also notice that I'm not staying home nights when I otherwise probably would.

Random Notes:

Anonymous Commenters: If you won't at least attach a nick to your comment, you are a loser with no balls whatsoever.

Weekend Update: Was interesting and overall, positive. For a change. Included meeting a rising country music star, and seeing Marilyn Manson. (why? for the spectacle and another blog post, of course!)


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