Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Random Urinal Conversations

Random Dude: I hate that crazy bitch!!
Me: Could you be more specific?
RD: My second babymomma!
Me: [there's gotta be an Eject handle around here somewhere...]

Which reminds me of another one awhile back:

Dude from Out of Town: [who was also affecting stupid looking glasses as a schtick] Man, I can't seem to get these girls to open up, how do you get in with them?
Me: Try, 'How many kids you got?'
DFOOT: You're kidding, right?
Me: [Uncontrollable derisive laughter]

Thought I was going to be impaired by sobriety tonight, but found something mildly entertaining anyway ;).

Target report: Erin cancelled (again) for work and received sarcastic text message, Xelena is still out of contact, and left a message with Brianna. Will try that one again tomorrow (at precisely 1:13pm), at least. I have a feeling that that one could be talking to friends who would say, "You can't go out with a guy you met at a strip club!" despite the fact that she was the stripper!

In other news, Apt. 13 has voted me "Most Fucked Up Life", and this includes the fact that Naked Boy is dating a woman who was a freshman...when his mom was a senior. In high school.


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Woohoo!! I made it onto the Blog!

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