Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Random Bathroom Graffiti & Chance Encounters

Funny graffiti I saw while driving 1500+ miles in 4 days:

"Jesus Saves! AT WAL MART"

Which reminded me of another one I saw once: "Jesus Saves!...GRETZY SCORES!!!"

So, the weekend itself was almost uneventful, except for an anticlimactic but successful rescue mission that left me in Austin on a Saturday night. Went downtown for a few beers despite my complete exhaustion, just on principle. As I was sitting in Der PimpenWagen getting ready to pull out of my primo parking spot, I saw this girl walking down the street that looked like someone I knew. Took a chance, and yelled her name out the window. Sure enough, it was her! This wouldn't be just any girl, this is the high school cheerleader that I'd had a crush on since about 7th grade. Last I saw her was at the reunion, where she showed up pretty late, and the first chance I actually had to talk to her, within 90 seconds this annoying girl from "my crowd" back in HS, who was desperately trying to fuck me at the reunion, inserted herself into my lap. BITCH!!! So, I dropped her on the floor, but chance was lost. Last I heard, ex-cheerleader was in CO, but we exchanged digits and turns out she's back in TX and trying to get back to Austin also. Hmmm...;). On the downside, her history is about the same as mine ;).


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