Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry Christmas/ Happy Post-Hanukkah + Lite Posting

Merry ChristmaHannukaKwanzikaa everyone!

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the Winter Solstice holiday of their choice.

Blogging during this time period, if you haven't already guessed, will be pretty light due to family/friend obligations. I will come back with more of my completely fucked up stories, though ;).

Several posts below have been updated, including the Spurning Whore post.

For those concerned with my social life, here is the general rundown:

Heather, from eHarmony: Great first meeting, dinner tomorrow night. She could be a keeper.

Michelle in Austin: Did not survive First Contact, erased her info. We'll see if she contacts me later.

Xelena: Never called me back, screw it. I'll see her in the club, if I show up.

Erin: No word yet, will call her sometime after New Years if I haven't heard otherwise. Let her miss me for awhile.

Sarah: Disappeared. She'll either call me or not, meanwhile I'm NOT waiting.

ETC: Nicole-If I can sober up soon enough tomorrow, might try her restaurant. Aside from that, no other girls I really care enough about playing with to really screw with my leaving-plans. Maybe I'll get bored on the road and make some points on the cell ;).


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