Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Post-Holidays Update

Greetings! For those who don't know, I've been in a posting-lull due to both the holidays (with mass amounts of time spent with the immediate family, whom can never know of this blog), and a general job-search due to having less than 4 months of a paycheck left due to me leaving the Navy least in a full-time capacity. I've got several entertaining posts planned, but haven't had much time to actually execute them. For now, I thought I'd fill whoever's in on the latest Social Update:

23 Dec- Kare-Bear gets me tix to see Pat Green live at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth! A sold out show, at that point. This was after my sister showed up 2 hours late to meet me at her restaurant...although she does have a great reason, being that her in laws made her drink a $200 bottle of wine ;)!

Christmas- had all the family traditions going, best present (again) was from sis, who got me an ultra-cool Magritte painting. Question- does this happen to everyone? I've been living in the no-shit Tropics for almost a decade now, and for Christmas I get - winter shit. Clothing rated down to -25 CELSIUS. Sweat suits. Don't these relatives know that I need reminding to actually pack PANTS when I come to visit????

26 Dec-me and Sis ship our parents off to Antarctica. I am *not* fucking kidding. Yes, the South Pole. How many kids dream of doing THAT? And ours even paid for it, and thanked us for taking them to the airport ;)!

Inter-holiday period- decided that going back to Corpus was utterly useless, and hung out at my sis's place using their internet connection to look for jobs, and eating at their 5-star restaurant ;).

New Year's - headed down to Austin! Went to a NYE party at my friend/ex-g/f of 7 year's ago/real estate agent now's place, and hung out with her, her husband, and their friends. It was a good time, and I stayed until just after midnight...had to do the toast, of course, but at that point the only attractive...and for that matter, the only single...girl in the place was a lesbian. Who refused to take me to the lesbian club with her. Naturally, I decided to bolt for downtown, which was much less crowded than I expected. You remember that eHarmony match from a few posts back, that lived in the RV down by the river? Yeah, I hooked up with her that night. Really, really hooked up ;). Gotta get that NYE kiss, ya know? She's cool ;). Headed back to CC on 01 Jan, after I finally got up ;). Called Stella, and she came up from The Valley to hang out with me that night...rather strange, being only a second date in well over a year, but we at least repeated the naked shower scene ;). All in all, great ways to ring in 2005!

At the moment, I'm back in CC. To be honest, after a good 2-3 weeks getting the hell out of here, I have now lost almost all interest in Final Dayz Rules. I'm more in Transition Period here. I'm still half-heartedly pursuing things in Corpus, but mostly out of reflex. And only to the extent that they don't interfere in me getting the hell out of here!

For those who care, an itemized run-down of Possibilities:

Erin: decided to not call her until well after the holidays. Still haven't!

Sarah The Stripper: no luck calling. Suspect she may have gone to Austin. Did some "reconaissance" while up there, found a club she might be at, but haven't been there...yet!

Heather-Nurse-SA- we'll see if a second date ever happens, but she's got potential.

Julie-Ah, this girl almost deserves a blog-post of her real news.

Heather - another blog post, she might end up out here sometime in mid-Jan. We'll see, though.

Cheetah Girls- a few who might enter in to the finale of Final Dayz Rules, but odds on all are "extremely unlikely".

eHarmony- got my 3 new matches for New Year's, along with Kerri, the girl I hooked up with NYE. All the new ones look good ;). Time to complicate my life!!! woo hoo!


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