Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Past Life:

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Friends in High(ly visible) Places

So, courtesy of my brother-in-law who is a chef with his own 5-star restaurant, I got to spend the earlier part of this evening hitting on a billionaire's daughter. That's right, "billionaire" with a B. She was definitely attractive and interesting, and maybe she'll show up to the event in NYC in August.

On the whole however, I'm much more interested in the "arranged marriage" my sister set up (kidding...mostly) with one of their waitresses who came out drinking with us.

Funny thing, that.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Update, Itinerary, and Recenly Asked Questions

Q: Are you still homeless?


Q: Any thoughts of, you know, not being homeless anytime soon?


Q: ... ... ... Sooooooo? What's the scoop? Did location or living space win out?

Living space, by default/forfeit. We'd made two serious attempts on the Cool Location condo, but it turns out the owner is both a complete flake, and a Jack-Ass. We hadn't stopped looking while we'd submitted him contracts, but in the price range I'm looking at, there just isn't much at all available in Austin proper. The market has been incredibly frustrating. There was another beautiful-living space condo that popped open while I was out of town, but after we saw it and got back to the office to check it out, it had already left the market. The other units in Jack-Ass's complex had monthly tenants, or were still occupied. That left pretty much Brandywine (Super Cool Living Space from my last post), and Jack-Ass's place. Why is he a Jack Ass? Well, the guy's a licensed real estate broker and wouldn't even sign the fucking contract or respond in anything resembling a timely or professional manner. First, he didn't like the price, but wouldn't sign a counteroffer. So we submitted a new contract. Then he wanted a longer closing date for tax reasons, but still wouldn't sign a counteroffer. We explained my situation, and his response was "well, I have this other mortgage guy, call him". Fuck no, we're not jumping through any more hoops on account of your laziness. See ya!

Q: So are you disappointed? What will the new place be like?

Not at all. We got them down to a great price for about twice the space. I've got to replace all the carpets, tile the bathrooms, get a new toilet for one, and un-wallpaper and paint the bathrooms, but after that the place will be sweet. There's a wet bar in a loft above the kitchen, and I think there's even enough room there for a pool table.

Oh, and closing date is on or about June 9th, so only a week or so left!

Q: So what's the itinerary from here?

In Ft. Worth mooching off my sister now, then heading to New Orleans this weekend to do some good drinking with Naked Boy in New Orleans.

09 June ish- Close on condo.
11 June - take the Series 7. Afterwards, commence heavy drinking in Austin.
11-22 June - Moving Hell Pt. 2, get new pad set up and running.
23-27 June - Twong's Wedding in Baltimore/DC area, then back to Austin.
4th of July - Back to D/FW area for a day of bbq and lake fun, and a night of setting off a truly ludicrous amount of explosives.
Mid/Late July - Finally taking my European Solo Trip! I know I'm heading to Germany and Prague, the rest of the itinerary is up in the air, but it may even include Switzerland, Poland, and possibly France. I plan on staying about 3 weeks.
10-14ish August - NYC, baby! My brother in law is cooking again, woo hoo!
17 or 31 August - Actually start work again.

Q: Will we be getting any more good material around this place?

Yes. I still have a lot more material from my final days in Corpus, and that's without having to dig into any more of the archives. I'll be posting a recap from Final Dayz, which officially ended with the wedding I was in a couple of weeks ago.