Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tattoo, yes. Blood? NO!!!

This incident was a bit of a first for me...I'm going to have to definitely put it into the category "How To Really Freak Out Women" or "How to make sure the barmaid doesn't come back".

So Friday evening I'm heading home, and decide to stop by a nearby bar that can best be described as a cross between an Irish pub and a Hooters. Lots of cleavage and kilts. I wanted a couple of nice quiet beers, a bit of scenery and football, and an hour or so of peace.

Sitting next to me is a guy whom I take to be a regular, and a new guy who's covered in tattoos. Not just a sleeve, but a sweater. There is some talk and showing, and the barmaid writes her name on his arm as a "new tattoo". Fun, flirty, harmless, cute. The Regular decideds to one up him, pulls out his knife, and proceeds to cut her name into his arm. Right there at the bar.

She completely freaked when she saw her name dripping in blood.