Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bartender's Notes: Girls To Avoid 1

If she's at an open beer/wine bar-all the beer and wine you can drink, for free-and she instead is drinking martinis from the cash bar in the lobby, she is absolutely not worth the trouble. Even if you've got a lot of cash, you will one day walk in to find she's maxed out your credit cards and is fucking the pool boy.

-Note: Rev. Lick is indeed now a professional bartender, and has been for some time. Again. Only now it's legal and I get paid in cash :).

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Question: I'm way too white for her

OK, question here for my reader(s) I've got this friend, "M", who as it happens is *precisely* my "type". I've been playing it extremely cool, and we've had the "just friends" discussion, but apparently that doesn't hold much weight, there is potential. Somewhat.

The thing is, she really likes Black guys. African/Americans, etc. What do I do?

But then again...

In reference to last post, within the first hour of meeting this girl, she did tell me all about her ex of 9 years and how he was cheating on her, and when she caught him in the act on their bed, how she broke the girl's nose twice and threw her down a flight of stairs.

Oh, and that's not counting the stories about copious hard drug use, and how he gave her VD.

So do I feel bad? Hell no. Where do I keep finding these nutcases?